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If humans become instinct, what is likely to take over as the world's dominant animal?

Alice: it's a toss  up between slithy toves & mome raths... or maybe the Jabberwock
Shay: Rats duh!!!!!!!
Mondo: Eagles will become the dominant land creatures, and the shark will own the seas as they've had for millions of years
Devon: Stalemate between bigfoot & chucabra
Wolf: cats
Kate: kitten
Ell: lets go with arachnids
jafinlack: Cuttlefish.
fluffy: Raptors-- there are some in hiding
Peppy Hamster: there would be no dominant animal : nature is balanced---problem is weve evolved so far that we are doing unnatural things
Taity: birds or f. . .ing dolphins
Cate: Nazi Butterflies
Jakers: Platapi!
Murmur: A Vole
Slide: Penguins and porcupines will procreate To produce a quilled, tuxedo wearing creature that slide over ice and sand.
Heather: The Larch (Monty Python crazy moment)
Mr. Fantastic: The Orca, unless you're talking about the 20% of Earth that's not water.
ShanShan: Dolphin
Ben: Giant Squid
Phill: Cats
Jenn: Planet o the Apes.
Joshka: Clowns, alien clowns
Ali: Sponges
Cat: Chocobos
Beth: Mice - after destroying us all for experimenting on them.
Steven/BARD: The common house cat : The raptors will return to war with the walking dolphins destroying eachotehr in the process leaving the cats, who have been watching and learning our technologies. They will rule the world with an Iron paw, Out lawing dogs form everywhere but Antarctica.

Lucus: Cockroaches
Nivek: Cockroaches
Sarah: Cockroaches
Angela: Cockroaches will rule a twinkie empire!

Jessee: do mushrooms count? They do leave spores, and can travel through the vacuum of space to propagate on a new planet. They thrive in (nuclear) dark and decay. Several aboriginal tribes honor 'shrooms as having a divine entity within that communicates upon being consumed.
-- If they don't -  iguanas, I think the world will belong to these mellow creatures who are virtually unchanged in form after 250 million years. That the males only produce testosterone when a female becomes fertile might give the human race an incentive to invent a male hormone regulator and hence to save us all from extinction...
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