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Silly Question Thyme!!

Silly Question of the Evening: What three things can always be found in your refrigerator?

Alice: Brie, Avocados, Pear Cider (since moving to OR, these have been constant)
Heather: Yogurt, pickled ginger, AZ Rx Stress tea
Kelli: Eggs,Pure maple syrup, Extra butter for baking
Kate: raw meat, pickles, syrup (she's a vegetarian, so we're confused)
Joshka: mustard, sausage condoms, and masks
Devon: mold, chuck Norris, and a dessert that was bought in 2007
Steven: Tea, Leftovers, fast food condiment packets
Amber: Salsa, Milk, dark chocolate
Kayla: pickled jalapenos, single serving yogurts and cheese
Catalin: Milk, cheese, fruit
Becky: Milk, soy sauce, sweet tea ((vodka is in the freezer))
Louis: Water, Strawberry jelly, milk
Cinder: Milk, sugar, soy sauce
Olivia: Milk, eggs, ranch dressing
ShanShan: mountain dew, pancake syrup, chlorof... er... ketchup
Sarah: Milk, Squash, light bulb
Matt: cheese, butter, tea
Dawg: Weed, Jager, Jack
Beth: Cheese! Yogurt.... umm Cheese!
Jessee: Beer, cheese, nuts

Elliott: a light bulb, shelves, Veggie bins
Jeykll: Light, shelves, Cold
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