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Dark Horizons Deja Vu Friday Show - -Chat Amusments

Pyrallis: A is for Assemblage23, B is for Blutengel, C is for Cruxshadows...
insideoutcast: D is for Depeche Mode
insideoutcast: E is for Eisbrecher
insideoutcast: So, do F Sissyfuts
Pyrallis: F for FGFC82O, G is for Grendel, H is for Hocico
Edd: I is for me
insideoutcast: Ian, Voltaire, Sasha, Ogre
Arabwel: J is for Joy Division, K is for KLOQ, M is for Ministry...
AliceEverlasting: K is for Kidneythieves
Pyrallis: Ien Oblique!
insideoutcast: L is for Laibach
insideoutcast: M is for Meat Beat Manifesto
Pyrallis: I like J for Jack Off Jill
AliceEverlasting: O is for Orgy
insideoutcast: What happened to N?
Arabwel: N is for Nachtmar
insideoutcast: P is for Portishead
Pyrallis: Psyclon Nine
Pyrallis: Q is for Qntal
insideoutcast: R is for Rammstein
Pyrallis: S Suicide Commando
Arabwel: S is for Siouxsie... :P
insideoutcast: T is for Twitch The Ripper!
Arabwel: U is for Uberbyte
insideoutcast: V is for VNV Nation
MacPain: w is for wolfsheim
Pyrallis: X for Xandria
Sissyfuts: Y is for Yellow, Hurty Thing (the sun)
Arabwel: Y is for Yellorch (I can spell gud)
insideoutcast: Z is for Zeromancer

Pyrallis: And THAT is how we do the Alphabet.

insideoutcast: Now numbers!  Assemblage 23, Front 242, Cesium 137
cowtravel: 808 state
AliceEverlasting: Heaven 17
MacPain: U2
insideoutcast: The B52s
Pyrallis: 9 inch nails (okay that's cheating, but whatev)
Talkiesmanyin: dementia 69
Arabwel: Container 90
Edd: UB40
cowtravel: T99
insideoutcast: Psyclon nine - again
MacPain: 16volt
Tags: modding

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