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Welcome To The OFFICIAL Dark Horizons Radio Live Journal

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Thursday Nights Favorite Freaks
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100blumen, a blue ocean dream, alaska highway, alice in videoland, alien vampires, ambassador 21, and one, apoptygma berzerk, assemblage 23, auto auto, autoclav 1.1, autodafeh, ayria, bak xiii, baxter lilly, bee hatch, black heaven, blackfilm, blancmange, blind faith and envy, blue october, brain leisure, broken fabiola, burikusu!!!cardopusher, c-lekktor, channel east, chinese theatre, chrysalide, collide, color theory, cyanotic, cygnostic, de/vision, deviant uk, displacer, disreflect, diverje, dym, econic, electro synthetic rebellion, elegant machinery, eloquent, emmon, emotional violence, empty, encoder, endif, engelmacher, ernesto, esa, experiment haywire, f.y.d., fake the envy, fgfc820, fiction 8, flesh eating foundation, flux, future, geistkinder, global citizen, heimataerde, hypnoskull, in vein, integral, interface, intricated, keef baker, kifoth, klangstabil, krystal system, le diktat, leather strip, left spine down, legion, lori cuninghan, lucidstatic, marching dynamics, marlow, massiv in mensch, mika goedrijk, mind necrosis factor, misery loves company, moctan, mono amine, monstrum sepsis, nachtmahr, nebulo, nolongerhuman, novus, obszon geschopf, p24, plasmodivm, preemptive strike 0.1, proyecto crisis, red flag, roughhausen, sam, sans palma, schallfaktor, seabound, sharon next, smile dk, sonic area, standeg, star industry, stendeck, supreme court, synapscape, tannhauser, tapage, ten data keshin, the [law-rah] collective, the azoic, the plastic noise experience, the thought criminals, thompson twins, tom lacy, tonikom, totakeke, twinkle, tzolk'in, veljanov, vicious alliance, von magnet, wynardtage, xandria, xotox, zeller, zentriert ins antlitz